Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pursuing Life's Goal

It is very true that it is never too late to pursue ones' goals and ambitions. Sometimes situations and misfortunes can lead us to unveil a hidden talent. Another thing that kept me thinking is the fact that most of these artists' standard of living were very bad. Most if not all had health issues as well but a few things were certain. These artists were very passionate and content with their work as countryside musicians.

Prior to the exposure offered by Matthew Johnson, BL Burnside, T-Model Ford, and Junior Kimbrough were only passionate about their Blues and in entertaining their neighborhood. Keeping their popularity in their hometowns and the attention they received from the local folks were more than enough for them. On the other hand, the consumers could relate to their music in all aspect of their lives because there was not much of a difference between them. Most of these musicians never gave in to the idea of taking their music to a higher level before they passed away but the few that did like BL Burnside gave not only his town but did collaborative work a youth band. Sharing his talent and music to the rest of the world. He pursued life and made difference to Blues.

Embracing Technology

After watching a documentary on Les Paul, I insantly began thinking about the technological advancement. Technology today has a great impact on our world. Technology has changed the way we live and views things. It has enhanced easy access to information, education and entertainment. Even in developing countries such as Ghana, the quest for technolgy has created more room for collaborative and immitation especially in the world of music. Western influences have dived it way into most traditional/ cutural settings.
Just like Les Paul whose curiousity, passion, and obsession with electronics lead him to becoming an inventor and the pivot of change in the music industry and music lovers all over the world today are being challeged to embrace technology in all forms in which it may appear. Les Paul had an edge to creativity,he was open minded, and above all had a minds' eye that could foresee the future in terms of technological advancements.
Below is hiplife music video from Ghana that show a collaborative work of art showcasing cultures from both Western and Ghanaian perspective.

The artist is showing two different world in a single image. The rythm is contemporary but still traditonal. The artist is portraying his culture through the use of traditional dance custumes @0:46 and the contrast but still harmonious blend of dance attires that is typical to most Wertern music video.The use of the a traditional instrument(drum) and the digital sound track alongside also gave it a unique blend. Technology has open a wide window to the world especially for the youth on how far we can go in terms of innovation, artist creativity and personal technical knowledge.