Sunday, February 21, 2010


After the comments and suggestions we received our presentation, we are thinking of probably incorporating a traditional Ghanaian dance video performed by a Lawrence student who has been to Ghana twice to learn the culture in performing arts. This is also to show how cultures are being shared in a harmonious way as technology advances to all parts of the world.

We also hope to work on especially our sound quality and transitioning. Finally, we are thinking of how to incorporate ourselves into the video. still playing around with what we have so far to make the best out of it.

Nature vs Culture

Many things means different to different people. Culture is one strong and valuable element of human life that can unite or divide society. It also means people of different race and ethnicity eat differently. There is a saying that goes like this; one mans' meat is other mans' poison. This is true to this video.

As Professor Sedlock is spending enormous time studying these wonderful and distinct creature in the best way to preserve them, it is the soul food of other. This is not necessarily wrong because as it was said, they have grown up to know bats is part of their meal.
One interesting thing i learnt about bats are that as at now there are about 198 different species of these unique creatures. The still believe that there are more things to the history and story of bats in terms of how they fly at night with that limited vision. This is something i hope to research on myself.