Friday, February 5, 2010

The Missing Link :Part 4

Progress Report:

As of now we have been able to edit all our interview footage. I were very happy with the outcome even though there are other thing to add.Our video for the final project would be in a form of snippets and clippets. The questions being answered will be highlighted before each snippet and clippet, so it might make more sense for our viewers to follow. we could also pick random words and phrases randomly describing what the interviewee is putting across.

The next thing on our agenda is to decide on how to incorporate music to the video and also play with the background, as in choice of color. Its brightness and contrast.

 Our Mentor:
Initially, we hadn't taught of a person that would best qualify to be our  mentor for this project. We were looking for someone in his/her own small we has address the issue of globalized world and had affect a lot of people with his ideas. Finally, along cam Micheal Jackson(MJ).

We choose MJ because is a typical example of one of the best artist whose ideas and work has affect the world through his music. Our project is focused on finding how technological advancement has influence the social and cultural behavior of especially Africa and the Western world. The link below is a video on how Africa received MJs' death.

Just as we showed a video of Obama in Ghana and the amount of excitement, so was MJ's death a blow to Africans. People tend to relate to Western Celebrities like  a relative of theirs. One may ask why? because they grew up with all these technology that make people more aware of the international world than say it would have been in fifty  years. This would be elaborated on more as our project progresses.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Missing Link: Part3

Progress Report:
Our progress for week was to start editing the videos we had from our interviews so far. We started with Nidal Kram, from Sudan and Mariah from America. It was very interesting how much time we had to spend on just these two video but then again we didn't have to do much sound editing because the locations for the interviews weresound controlled.We used Final Cut for all the editing.

We are still looking forward to interviewing Professors Skran and Vertinde to add another view to our students perspective.

Time Line:
We hope to edit at least half of the people we have interviewed so far.

Abby Disney: Peace Is Loud

When Peace talks loud, war listens and with both ears. Peace is Loud. Pray The Devil Back to Hell is an amazing, informative and one of its kind documentary of the role women in bringing peace to Liberia. This movie tells a story that had never been told. A story of bravery, dedication, and determination to make changes  in their and the lives of future generation. That muslims and christians can live together by putting aside our differences and embrassing our similarities as humans and also learn to tolerate each other.These women have showned to world that peace is speakable and loud, that is about time the world re-defined the role of women in society.

Interestingly, the women involved in bringing such a change to a country were almost all regular people, market women or better still women who knew no academic knowledge. But the beauty of their actions was to tell African women especially that, they could use their natural, loving and nurturing nature to peacefully end war. After all when the men causes the war , it is women who are left as widows with a family to take care off when they are away hidding or even dead.
Techonlogical advances has help us in most ways document event and time for future records and reference. Without the help of technology there would have been no way that this brutal but again historical moments would have been recorded . As terrible as the situation was , technology provided means of capturing the moments in time.

The Success Story:
As much as this country has experience hell on earth, the people are determined to bring back its country from the ditch back to normal. This process began with a democratic election which for the first time in the history of Africa, there is a female head of state. This a see as an appropriate measure to help them put together the pieces.
The media is helping in educatiing people on the need to forgive and reconcile with each other especially to accept former child soldiers who were influenced and used as tools to commit such atrocities. The child soldiers are also undergoing counselling and education to bring their lives back to normal and to help them forgive themselves and let go their past. This is a wake up call for all countries at war and to women to bring peace to where there is war.