Friday, January 14, 2011

The Reality of The American Dream

Coming from a different country to America makes a person realize the importance to appreciates ones own culture and lifestyle to and extent and to let go the illusion of a safe haven or " The American Dream". One most important question that people fail to ask themselves before pursuing such dream is What really is the America Dream? How many Americans are living this dream? And what is the actual cost of living this dream?

Most a times, people get talked into believing that America is the place to be and that all is rosy and smooth running. We all know that is definitely not the case. Just like any other country in the world, America for that matter has its own flaws and forces to reckon with. Technology has and indeed to a greater deal created a global monster that is gradually eating us all up. As much as we are learning more about other parts of the world, we are actually not not receiving the right information.

In Bruno S case, he taught and believed strongly along with his friends that America was the safest and more free place to live. Initially this might have seemed like the case because they had jobs and were able to safe up something to buy a mobile house and all the little things that came with it that made it looked as if their illusions were becoming a reality but after a while when one gets to fully understand how things work in the "free country" then the reality sets in.
Yes America has wonderful things to offer but its actually not the best of place to be when you have a somethings else to compare with. There are the hidden truth that you only find out when you finally gets in. And due to preconceived notions about this place and the idea of the American Dream it is very difficult to prove otherwise to others on the fence. Maybe some day people on the other side would accept that there is nothing really like a free American Dream for all.