Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buchminster Fuller: Doing More with Less

This is a story of a man whose ideas, inventions, and foresight has changed the world and also created in our minds  a new way of living. Buchminster Fuller believed in the need for all mankind to live as each others' keeper and believing in nature as the reason for our survival. He allowed himself to be tought by nature. He was curious about his surroundings and found ways and all means possible to make the best out of it.

Buchminster was a visionary who pursued life ahead of his time. In my opinion he understood the planet earth not a thing but rather a form. He believed that we all live in a unified system with limited resources and hence, our behavior and actions would affect our future. In other words our future was tyied to each other. Knowing this ahead of his time contributed to him being all eco-friendly and trying to create a one unique instituetion of living in which we will all learn to share space, energy and other natural resources.

Although Buchminster Fuller objected what  people said about him as being as trying to imitate nature, his ideas in terms of designing an ideal house and transportation was a little in line with the perfect habitation. Nevertheless, he had a sense of creativity in tecnology. The name DYMAXION which breaks down to Dynamic, Maximum and Ion proving this by Inventing a 3-wheel auto-mobil and moveable dome houses. Buchminster Fuller was by all standards to me a humanitarian. He had a vision to save his world. He enjoyed his work and tried to create a safe haven for all.

Laurie Anderson: Making Art Ours

Laurie Anderson is a very Creative and unique artist. Her style,approach and use of technological instruments are intriguing. Her sense of immitation to sound and space is what I refer to as making art ones' own.
In this video, she addresses some of the issues facing society today. Finding Solution to our numerous problems which most of the time are solely because of how we view and respond to the world around us. It is human nature to be problem solvers but the question is, have we been able to do so? and seeking things that we hope would quinch our thirst for survival by all means.

There is one thing I find very inspiring about Laurie's work. That is she is very technological even though she admitted to becoming weary sometimes when trying to put together a lot of cords to spark up one thing.There is not thought that what made her even more famous was her "O Superman" commercial among others. She was also creative in her appearance to performances.Her outfit itself was art and described her to some extent.
Technological creativity is a plus and Laurie Anderson took it to higher level whiles applying it to her work.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Missing Link

Lindsey and I intend to explore the impact of technology on human and social behaviour. The media, with the help of technology has very much succeeded in creating an illusion and misconceptions about the Western world to Africa and vice versa.More importantly, our project is to gather personal information of on how Western Culture has penetrated through the African media sector, and how people from both cultures find a medium like the internet, television and a radio to compensate for their desire whiles away from home country. Our project would also address what Nicholas Bourriaud refer to as Creolization V.National/ Ethnic Identity as means through we share our culture with the rest of the world.

Our Goal is to create a short but quality video that explores at least three major media influences on Entertainment, News, Education, and Politicsin Africa and the Western world.Sharing and or borrowing from each other helps us to value how much our culture means to us.

-Video footage of West African interviews
-Audio clips of interviews
-West African music
-Interviews of Lawrentians effected by this multicultural media
-Youtube clips
-Written scripts
-personal stories

Technology -MAC
-Canon SLR-like w/1 hr video footage
-LaCie hard drive
-flashdrive 4GB
-Final Cut