Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bourriaud, The Radicant: A Creolized World

" The World is becoming creolized"- Edouard Glissant. " This is to say that the culture of the world is furiously and knowingly coming into contact with each other, changing by exchanging, through  irremediable collisions and ruthless wars-but also through breakthroughs of moral conscience and hope".(10)
The ideal am trying to put across form this short commercial video is the idea of how close the world is becoming. Due to technological people all over the globe are being presented with the opportunity to share our culture and trade.

Art, media, marketing and technology has made possible the for the world coming together as one. The creolization process can be very ruthless when it comes to finding a pure cultural state. One would be amazed how far technology has changed the lives of people who for whaever reason would not have the chance to experience first hand most of the things we take for granted in America and even the bigger towns in say Africa.
Coca-Cola is known world wide but without the help of technology, it wouldn't have been able to assume the marketing/comsumer position it has now. The poor people in the rural villages in say Ghana might not have the opportunity to own a television or electricity for that matter but would have acess to information and be aware with their environment through a small radio that uses battery. How is this possible? Technology

Again, the world has indeed become a globalized village where information flows to and from. Yes there are limitations but honestly we are more informed than say fifty years ago. There are more things to be addressed in the vidoe and am saving it for later.

The Missing Link: Part 2

Progress Report:
With the help of a Sony Camcorder & Canon- SLR Like, Lindsey and I have been able to interview most of the people on our interview list. These interviews are  aimed at getting people to share their personal experinces with technological media as they travel internationally. During this interview, alot of new and interesting information that have came long that hadn't been tought off prior to the interview.
So far below are the list of people we have interviewed this past week.
Nidal Kram - African - American, Sudan

Mariah Mateo - American, Uganda and Sierra Leone

Natalie Fordwor - Ghanaian

David Frempong - Ghanaian

Sarah Ehlinger - American, Sierra Leone

Natalie Gratton - American, Sierra Leone

Harjinder Bedi -  India, American, Ghana,Togo,and Benin

William Meadows - American, Sierra Leone

Chelsey Sand - American, Sierra Leone

We have had some successes and difficulties but in all its been a progressive week in terms of gathering information. Having said this, we are hoping to re-adjust some things like re-phrasing some of our questions and also find a place that people would feel comfortable to be interviewed at the same time would work for us in terms of sound and lightening for a professional outcome.