Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final Project: The Missing Link

All too soon the term has ended our aim has been achieved. This video is our final project. Our aim for this project was to make a video that would in a critize the media about how Africa is portrayed in the West and vice versa. Our main resource was interviews of African Student studyind on Lawrence University campus and specifically American students who have had the opportunity to either visit or study in any west African country.

The our mission was to explore how their perception and expectations have changed after visiting these countries in relation what they thought off prior to their visit. For many years, the media have fed us with informations that have created in our minds a blurry way of viewing the world around us.

Interestingly, opinions and comments varied from one interviewee to the other even though they both share same experience. That is the difference between these people were not just what they media has fed them with but also how an individual decides to dive into the media believing very thing he or she is fed with. To enable a fair level palying ground, they media should learn to portray the all of a country or a continent for that matter. As one of the interviewee said " the media should show the good side of life". Yes there are poor people dying in Ghana, Sudan or Kenya and yes there homeless people leaving on the streets here in America but the best information to show is the balance.
This project has not only thought me how to gather information but also how to create and educational forum for people to decide how much and what to take form the media.
We have a choice to seek information but we also have and obligation tell the truth of situations as it is.