Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Radicant: "Cultural Rain"

Well, thinking of the cultural rain one thing came to my mine. That is the ideal of sharing of cultures in a mutual way.Just as Picaso found inspiration in African art back then, so has our world today. We are all seeking to do a collaboration of some sort. Either as means of learning, sharing or even both.

In this video, students from University of Colorado did justice to taking devoting time and practice to making other culture their own. Nicholas Bourriaud did good in addressing the cultural globalization that exist in our time today. Not only did these student practice the song, they learned the lyric but also made it their own.
I believe it is time to let go the old way of thinking and seeing art.And embrass what our world offers as well as interacting with other works from other parts of the globe.

James Danky: Comics

It is very interesting to know how people take advantage of what we all disregard. James Danky journeyed a long way to making a name for himself. It also shows that our Librarian are important to us not only because they are a resourceful but also for reserving history.

I was not entirely, pleased with Danky's presentation. I was hoping he would have shown more of his work rather than the paintings he showed. Least to say that massages in the presentation was not entirely clear to me. But I found the few comics he show very interesting and controversial in it won way.
I thing that interesting to know from him, was the idea of learning and seeking inspiration from other artists work. From his slide one can tell he has a wide range of artist he adnires from different generations and movements.