Sunday, February 7, 2010

Andy Warhol : Abstract Creativity

He took art from a traditional context or meaning  and redefined  it. He challenged how we view art and the question of what constitute and art piece or form. Andy Warhol was very obsessed with repetition and themes. His style was unique and personal and change the art world after World War2.

According to the media, Andy made more than 10,000 art works which has given him fame still after his death.Warhol was very creative and made a lot of experimentation with different kind of media including experimenting with urine to test for how oxidization can recreate  new forms and produce interesting results. He gave meaning to abstract form of painting and action painting.

As a successful artist, Warhol was interested in new things and  had a good sense to learn more. As much as he was interested in consumer culture and commercial form of advertisement, he was fascinated with the youth and how fast technology is helping to define these younger generation.
Even though he was popular, he still engaged himself in social events as a form giving back to society. I think what makes an artist is not simply being great at painting, drawing or whatever interest you but being able to change and adapt make you even  more stronger.

Klaus Nomi

When one thinks of an artist so  many things comes to mind. But in my case, when i  think of artist especially an music i think  of  style, looks or appearance. I think of something that makes him or her unique. Klaus Nomi is no different in this sense. Indeed, he had a unique personality in terms of appearance.Like many artist, stars, celebrities or whatever name we   choose  to give them, has his own identity. Whether it was given or taken by the artist himself a  distinction is made from who the artist really is and what he or her is  known to be.

To some extent his artificial makeup look was a signature of himself but at the same time i think he  did that to make himself feel better. Nevertheless,  he was trying to fit in and find a common grounds on which he can fight his loneliness issues. His inability to find a permanent relationship. It is natural to feel lonely  sometimes especially when you can get what you think would make you whole say, love. But in the case of artists or well known personalities, it would be extremely hard in a sense that, first and foremost you are in living in two separate worlds. That  is the stardom, living a life where you feel loved, attention and in control and the  second life where you feel like a cocoon, you go unnoticed. That is the reality.

Stereotypically speaking, what happens to most artists in the long run that either they die as paupers or of strange ailments. In Klaus' case, he died of the later and according to the media, he was the first publicly known artist to die of AIDS.  In a sense Klaus contributed greatly on having an image something uniquely you in the artist world and there are artist today that one can easily say is influenced by Klaus Nomi. A typical examples could be Lady Gaga or even the late Micheal Jackson..