Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost and Found

This Week on our Project Report:
Looking back to what we have so far, I can say Lindsey and I are doing great on our project.
We have all of our interviews done, edited interviews into sub clips , and finally we have done some logical arrangements of the clips as to how we want things to flow like the quick-time movie in our presentation. We have done through all the sub clips to make sure we have all the vital  information and in sequence for our project.

Next Step...
 Our next plan of action is to do all the cool stuff to our video.
  • Artistic editing
  • Sound track: maybe have some music at the background
  • Transitioning: find a harmonious way to merge all clips together  as one big piece
  • Organization and finally
  • Perfection: we hope ;to make our project at perfect and appealing as possible.