Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Radicant: "No Fixed Form"

The second part of this book talks alot about philosophy and way art has to seen. Nicolas Bourriaud's The Radicant deals with concepts and further with an increase in discussion of philosophy and influential thinkers as well as the controversy it raises.

What is art? and who decides what art should be or look like? Bourriaud begins by elaboratiing on some famous artist like Joseph Cornell's surrealistis boxes and Marcel Duchamp's fountain. The idea of challenging traditional art is to prove that Art is dynamique. It changes with time and taste. Many art forms came about as the quest fo rseeing news things grow even stronger in people.
Bourriaud argues Marceld Duchamp's ready made art to show the evolution in art and what used to be acceptable and creative in the art world centuries ago.
Today the Computer has even taken art to the extreme. How would we see art inthe next tweenty years?

Mentor/ Muse

Lindsey and I had not thought of a mentor prior to starting our project but somehow it all fell in place when our questions sparked answers that evolved about mostly Western media perspective about the rest of the world especially in Africa.
We hope to include this video clip in our final project to give our audience a better sense of media criticism.

Michael Jackson was a victim of the media. Just like many other celebraties, Micheal many public disgrace,rejections and many unanswered question about him through the media. This video is a good example of reactions to the media. Many misconceptions pass through to people from all angles and such is this video. We also chose this video because of its aesthetic beauty.
During our presentation, we had a lot of great suggestions and comments which we are paying much attention to make our video great in terms of th einformation we are trying to put across and the idea of technological advancement.