Friday, February 4, 2011

Allan Kaprow's Happenings and todays' Reinvention.

   After listening to a real life experience from an art historian and her first hand encounter with Allan Kaprow,I realized that Kaprow did not only owned his work but he gave future generation of artists the chance to interpret it their own way by reinventing his work. If art is and can be anything and everything then it makes much sense why many famous artist of all times made fame doing what they did . When art becomes very interactive it gives meaning and create an aura that resides with it's audience for a lifetime. After watching a series of videos on youTube on reinventions of Kaprow's "Happening" I realized that art can very much be a part of one's daily life not necessarily to make sense but to be a feeling and a state of being when in interaction with it. The idea behind his work, In my opinion Was to create art that changes with time,place and audience because only people around at time the art is being performed get the chance to witness the action which in deed makes the audiences participants rather than spectators. In of everything said about Kaprow' works and style, it's undeniable that he redefined performance art and it's future.


K. Rhyme said...

I definitely agree--he seemed very focused on creating art that couldn't stay the same, which is quite different from the the traditional historical view of art (i.e. one enduring image that will last forever)! I think he was aiming to redefine how art functions in society, as well as what art is...a question no one seems to have successfully found an answer for yet, unfortunately.

G Dizzle said...

something that changes with time, place audience. Hmm what could that be??? Boom sports. Bam

Shimon and Lindemann said...

Artists through the centuries make it their work to question and redefine what art is depending on what's happening. That process of reevaluation, pushing and questioning avoids stagnation.