Saturday, March 12, 2011

Final Presentation and New Discoveries

  All too soon  the term has ended with lots of  wonderful and creative projects. Looking back to all the work and progress made this term, I  would say I have learnt a lot. My project plan for the term was ;to produce a photobook  with photos taken from  two countries Ghana and USA comparing the visual  culture consumerism through display.  Using a cellphone I have created a series of photographs from Ghana and USA.

   One of the requirement for my digital class was to produce a product from our project idea that would actually could generate some revenue or simple compensate our ideas best. With this requirement my final product ended  up being  a ''11x17''  calender which turned out to best describe my idea of display. The most amazing thing is that the can be customized. That is you can order this calender and have all your special dates and event you don't want to miss. !n this case you get the ART( photos from Ghana ans USA) as well you taking the place of the artist by adding your own special dates and event names.
Personally, am thinking of expanding more on this calender idea to see what I can come up with.

On the other hand, my mates from this class presented lots of interesting products as well. Ranging form books, prints, films and music videos my colleagues portrayed an array of talents some of which i hope they would explore because they all full of potentials. The whole process was a learning experience and as I work each  time, I learn new things and my creativity expands.

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Shimon and Lindemann said...

The new Ghana photos expand the project to emphasize the global ramifications of consumerism. The calendar as a display object adds a new, stronger dimension to your project. The calendar may not sell as a cheap product so much as a conceptual art work that extends your exploration of issues of display. We were hoping you would add the Ghana photos to the US photos and have an updated book by the end of the term.